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Rock Climbing & Rappelling

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing is a sport that challenges Mind & Body. It is a sport that increases mobility, upper body and grip strength; but more importantly, dexterity and hand-eye coordination. At Adventure-Pulse we organize Rock Climbing Programs for all ages from school children to adults. No previous experience is required to climb. All our programs take place on an artificial rock climbing wall with special attention to safety. All the equipment used is UIAA certified and the programs are conducted by certified coaches.

Who can climb?

In short, anyone can climb. Climbing is a sport that anyone can do: Young, old, weak or strong. Climbing is a sport that focuses the mind and builds strength. In fact the physical exertion can even assist with weight lost. With that being said, one common misconception is that to climb you need a lot of upper body strength. Upper body strength and raw power can only get you so far in the sport. You don’t have to be an athletic person with a six pack. As any good climber will tell you, the only muscle you need is your mind. The key is learning the right technique. So, why not give it a try, it’ll be fun.


Our Rock climbing programs are an average of 4 hours and can be personalized on request.


We conduct Rock Climbing Programs throughout the year. We also conduct customized programs for interested individuals.


Experience the thrill of lowering yourself down a vertical face of rock. Rappelling or Abseiling (French) is the art of lowering oneself down a rock face in a controlled manner with the use of a rope. Mountaineers and climbers use this technique when the terrain is too steep to descend normally. There are various techniques to rappel down a face. They involve increasing friction on the rope using a variety of devices.

We at Adventure-Pulse have been conducting rappelling workshops for the past 10 years in locations all over the Sahyadris. From Basic Rappelling workshops to waterfall rappelling, we provide customizable workshops depending on your needs. The youngest person to rappel with us was aged 6 years and the oldest at 62 years. All the equipment used is UIAA certified and the instructors from elite mountaineering institutes.


We conduct Rappelling Programs throughout the year. We also conduct customized programs for interested individuals.

Our Highlights

Youngest Climber : 4 Years.

Oldest Climber : 65 Years

Duration of Session : 4 hours

Location: Pune


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