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Baleni Pass & Kareri Lake


The trek to Baleni pass and Kareri Lake is one of most beautiful yet unexplored trekking destinations in Himachal.  A captivating journey filled with the lush green fauna of the region, perennial flowers, deep gorges and ravines along-with with stunning landscapes, flowing streams, glacial lakes and more.

Mesmerizing views of the Chamba pass and the Pir Panjal range are a treat to witness from the top of the Baleni pass. The Kareri lake is located in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh, which is a freshwater lake situated in the majestic Dhauladhar range. The landscape is home to dense conifer forests, beautiful grasslands and stunning views of sunrise over the mountains. The Baleni pass is situated at an altitude of 3700 meters that roughly translates to 12,139 feet.

It is an easy trek that is perfect for beginners and amateur trekkers and also one of the best options to introduce oneself to high altitude trekking. This trek can also be taken up by family groups and does not have age restrictions.

Quick Facts

Best Time : May June July

Duration : 6

Max. Altitude : 9650 Ft

Commences At : Dharamshala

Ends At : Dharamshala

  • Day 1 - Arrival at Dharamshala.
  • Day 2 - Pick up from Hotel in Dharamshala and trek to Chandrella Dhar. (Drive for 2 hours, Trek 4-5 hours, 8km).
  • Day 3 - Trek from Chandrella Dhar to Dhaled camp. (4-5 hours, 5-6km)
  • Day 4 - Day Trip to Kareli Lake
  • Day 5 - Trek from Dhaled to the road head at the village & drive back to the Hotel.
  • Day 6 - Drive to the Dharamsala airport/bus stand in respective groups.


Our team will receive the group at Dharamsala Airport or bus stand and transfer to a hotel/guest house in Dharamshala. The pick-ups are in groups and hence may involve some waiting time. The mode of travel will by Tempo traveler/innova depending on the size of the group. We spend our first night in a hotel/guest house in Dharamsala.
After a morning breakfast & briefing, we will drive to the start point of the trek. Our trek staff will load the backpacks and we will start the trek to our first campsite at Chandrella Dhar. It’s a pleasant walk through a thick forest and Pine trees. We pass through some beautiful meadows and get a chance to see the village life in Himachal Pradesh. Overnight stay in a camp.
We start the trek after a hearty breakfast. We’ll begin by trekking through meadows and from there the trail enters into a forest. After walking through the forest there is gradual ascent, as you trek alongside a beautiful Stream and pass through various bridges. The campsite will be pitched in the heart of the alpine grasslands. The children will learn about basics of camping.
We will hike up to the base of the Kareri Lake and come back to camp by late afternoon. Our team will conduct Adventure activities & Bon fire in the evening.
Waking up with the sounds of nature, after breakfast we will start our journey back to the road head. It’s a gradual descent all the way through the forest and shortly after, we will be at the roadhead near the village. We will organize the transfer back to the hotel. Overnight in the hotel.
Early in the morning, we’ll start our journey back to civilization and Adventure Pulse representatives will drop you at the airport or bus stand in groups for your departures.

Package Details


  1. Accommodation: 2 nights stay in a Guest House at Dharamshala with breakfast and dinner + 3 nights in Camping on twin sharing basis with all meals.
  2. Food: Dinner and Breakfast in Dharamshala as well as all meals during the trek.

  3. Transportation: Group Airport pickup and drop

  4. Trekking permits and forest camping charges.

  5. Trekking Gears: Tents, Sleeping bags, Mattress etc.

  6. Services of an expert Adventure-Pulse trek leader. (*For a group of 8 and above)

  7. Services of an expert trek team (guides, cooks, helpers).

  8. Basic first aid kit and medical assistance.


Exclusions - 

  1. Flights .
  2. Tips to staff.
  3. Tent on Single supplement.
  4. Bottled water or beverages.
  5. Personal Insurance.
  6. Any extra cost incurred in case someone is not able to finish the trek & wants to come back Mid ways.
  7. Costs arising out of unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather, landslides, road conditions and any other circumstances beyond our control.

  8. Any medical costs incurred by you, or costs associated with a medical incident, evacuation charges and damage of any nature.

  9. Optional/ personal expenses. 

  10. Anything not mentioned in the inclusions.

1. Is this a good trek for children?

Trek to Baleni pass and Kareri lake is a beginner friendly trek that is apt for children of 7 years of age and above. This trek is can be done by anyone with no prior experience of trekking or camping. It is one of best options to expose children to the wilderness and introduce them to the Himalayas and high altitude trekking.

2. Can I accompany my child on this trek?

The Baleni pass trek is a parent – child trek. We recommend that at least one parent / guardian accompanies the child on this journey. Since this trek is beginner friendly and does not require any prior trekking or camping experience, it is absolutely perfect for parents to accompany their child. The upper age limit for the trek is between the bracket of 58 – 65 years.

3. How do I reach Dharamshala?

There are three ways to reach Dharamshala which are the following: (1) Fly from your hometown to Delhi and another flight from Delhi to Dharamshala (2) Fly from your hometown to Chandigarh and drive for 6.5 Hrs to Dharamshala. (3) Fly from your hometown to Amritsar and drive for 5 Hrs to Dharamshala Note : Cab transport can be arranged on actuals.

4. What is the start point of this trek?

The baleni pass & kareri Lake starts from and ends at Salli, a small village in Himachal. Salli is approximately at a distance of 45 kms from the hotel in Dharamshala where you will be staying. From your hotel to Dharamshala, our team will arrange for your travel to the start of this trek point, which will be a 1 hour 25 minutes drive.

5. What will the temperature be like?

The Baleni pass & Kareri Lake Trek is an easy trek with pleasant temperatures. There are chances of occasional rain depending on the weather conditions. Day-time temperatures can range from 15 °C to 18 °C and at night 0 °C .

6. Where is Kareri Lake located?

Kareri Lake is located in the heart of Himachal Pradesh at an elevation of about 2,950 meters in Kangra district. The Kareri Village is about 27 km from Dharamshala and 13 km from McLeod Ganj.

7. My child/I have never trekked before. Can we still do this trek?

Yes, the Kareri Lake Trek is perfect for beginners and children as young as 6. The trek is an easy level trek with minimal altitude gain and is the perfect opportunity to introduce your child to the wonders of nature and trekking. A prior preparation of about 5-6 weeks is required.

8. What time will the trek start?

On Day 1, The vehicle will pick you up from your Hotel at 7:30 am. Request you to be ready with your daypack (carried by you) and your main backpack (to be loaded on mules). During the trek, the guides will brief about next days plan every evening before dinner.

9. What kind of terrain or weather conditions are expected on the trek?

The entire trek route consists of mountain trails, forest, meadows, streams and some part of boulder/rocky terrain. The trail is moreover defined and it doesn’t involve any kind of difficult sections or technical climbing using ropes or other equipment. This trek can be done round the year. In Summer (March to May), the weather is pleasant and there is a low chance of rains as the maximum altitude is close to 3000 meters. Day-time temperatures can range from 15 °C to 20 °C and at night about 02-5 degrees.

10. What kind of meals will be provided?

There will be freshly cooked meals; breakfast (Bread Omelet, Paratha, Puri Bhajii, Muesli, Corn Flakes etc), Lunch and Dinner provided during the trek which will be a mix of Indian food (Roti-Sabji, Tarkari, Daal Rice etc). We will also organize evening snacks and refreshments. Our cooks are very experienced and will be happy to entertain any particular requests kids may have for meals. All the meals are served in the common dining area/tent.

11. What will my camp-site look like?

There will be sleeping tents on double sharing basis with a warm mattress and sleeping bag. A dining table where the meals will be served. There will be 3 toilet tents. A kitchen tent will be set up by the staff for them to cook the meals.

12. How much weight will the mules carry?

You need to carry your small daypack during the trek. (With your water bottle, a jacket and some trail snacks) For the main luggage, 5kg is allowed per participant. Since it’s only 3 nights of stay on the trek, we recommend that 2 people combine a bag instead of individual small small bags. A family of three can have a combined bag with weight no more than 15kg.

13. How will I communicate with my family?

Mostly all network works in Dharamshala and Mcleod Ganj. However, there is no stable network available in Kareri Vilage and almost no network once you start the trek.

14. What medical emergency provisions will be provided?

Our Trek Leaders and support staffs are certified in first aid as well as experienced in dealing with altitude sickness related issues. Although, it’s an easy trek and there are almost zero chance of any medical situations, in case of any emergency, we are equipped to provide first aid and medical assistance. Our team will daily monitor the fitness of the participants and give attention to safety of the kids at all times. We will be carrying a comprehensive medical kit with medicines like Diamox (for high-altitude sickness), Combiflam/Brufen (pain killer), and generic medicines for stomach ache, bandages, Dettol etc. We will also carry an Oxymeter to monitor oxygen saturation levels in case some one is not feeling well.

15. What will be the support staff ?

There will be 3 experienced guide and 1 assistant guide with the group. Apart from this there will be a cook, helpers and a mule caravan to carry the luggage.

Temperature variations, high altitude, snow glare & proximity to sun are certain factors which necessitate the need to for proper mountaineering equipment. In order to enjoy your experience in the mountains, we have recommended that you carry the following with you.


  • Trekking Boots /  Shoes (preferably up to ankle length & Water resistant)
  • Multiple pairs of Cotton and woollen socks (at least 2/3 pairs of each)
  • Track Pants for comfortable trekking, Denims to be avoided. (At least 2)
  • Fleece Jacket or sweat shirt (1 each)
  • Cotton T-shirts (2 to 3 minimum)
  • Water proof Jacket / wind cheater
  • 1 Peak Cap + at least 1 Woollen Cap
  • Pair of warm gloves
  • One Pair of Thermals


  1. Air bag / Duffel bag (No Suitcases)
  2. Day Back Pack in case you do not want to carry your own rucksack
  3. Drinking Water Bottle 1 Litre
  4. Lunchbox
  5. Torch + Batteries
  6. Camera + Batteries
  7. Knee / Ankle / Wrist Guards (if required)
  8. Nail Cutter / Pocket / Pen Knife
  9. Cold cream
  10. Hand sanitizer
  11. Chap-stick / Vaseline
  12. Personal toiletries (Tooth Paste / Toilet Paper / Wet Wipes or Baby Wipes etc)
  13. Medical kit (with basic medicines for headache , Water purification tablets- drops, upset stomach , Band aids , Painkillers & Moov/ Iodex , Sour throat, Vix Vapour Rub , D-Cold)
  14. Any personal medication (Individual specific)
  15. High energy snacks like Dry fruits, Bars of chocolate, Tang, glucose etc
  16. Good Quality Sun shades
  17. Sun block (SPF40+)
The Trek to Baleni Pass and Kareri Lake is one of the most beautiful treks in Himachal, India. It is an easy trek which is open to beginners, with basic fitness level. Th trek is an apt choice for children starting from 7 years of age and even for adults who have crossed over 60 years. The Baleni pass trek does not require that you have any previous trekking or mountaineering experience neither does it require any technical experience. One can be ready for the trek with 2 to 3 weeks of basic physical prepping.
We recommend the following schedule to the participants

Week 1 : The participants should develop the habit of being able to get up in the morning and run / brisk walk for a minimum of 2-4 Km atleast 2-3 days a week.  This would represent atleast 20-25 minutes of cardio exercise. Though difficult at first, keep at it.  You can stop and take breaks as well.  During the day, you should get into the habit of avoiding elevators and taking the steps.  You should be able to climb at least 1/2 flights of steps daily.  (Avoid going down steps too fast as this could result in some knee injuries). If you Don’t enjoy running and are into some other sport like cycling or swimming , Spend about 15-20 mins cycling or about 200-300 mts of swimming for atleast 4 days a week. 

Week 2 : Assuming you have successfully survived week one and are consistent with your exercise, you can take up the pace a notch. Increase your distance to 5/6 kms per day and 5 times a week, you can additionally go to a gym.  Avoid heavy weight training.  Focus more on a core workout. These are your muscle groups that run along the length of your body and helps maintain your posture and sustains you during your long hours of working.

Week 3 : Assuming be consistent with workout followed during the first two weeks of your preparation. Addtionally, start taking care of your body hydration levels and your appetite.  

Please remember Consistency is the Key here. Do not do anything to exert yourself or something that will increase chances of Injury. Running / brisk walking 4-5 kms for 5 days in a week is far better than running a 20 km on one day of the week and injuring your Knee / Ligaments in the process. If you can be consistent with above mentioned schedule, trekking will become a pleasant and enjoyable experience for you. Feel free to call us or mail us in case you want more details on how to prepare for this trek!

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