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Tirthan Valley Trek


Located at 1600m, Tirthan is one of Himachal’s best-kept secrets. With lush forests, meadows and light snowfall, this trek is perfect for beginners and families looking for a break from the heat of the plains. A 3-day trek that begins from the beautiful city of Manali and takes you through the heart of Himachal. Also known as the Khorna Trek, the Tirthan Valley Trek is an easy trek ideal for beginners and families. Our Basecamp in the Sajwar region is a comfortable launch pad for the trek. With spacious swiss tents and a beautiful dining area, the trek gradually ushers you into camping. You will spend a total of 3 nights camping in the lush pine and fir forests of Himachal. With minimal altitude gain over the days, short trekking distances and comfortable amenities, the Tirthan Valley Trek is one of our favourite short treks.

Quick Facts

Best Time : January - December

Duration : 06 Days

Max. Altitude : 335o metres

Commences At : Manali

Ends At : Manali

  • Arrival at Kullu Manali Airport and drive to Tirthan Valley
  • Basecamp to Balu thach (9,200 ft)
  • Balu Thach to Shapni (10,800 ft)
  • Shapni to Khorna (11,000 ft)
  • Khorna to Sajwar Basecamp
  • Basecamp to Airport


The first day of the Tirthan Valley Trek. The nearest airport to the trek is Kullu-Manali and there are regular flights from Delhi. As you arrive, an Adventure-Pulse representative will be there to receive you and will drive you to Tirthan. The first night of the trek will be spent in swiss tents at Sajwar Basecamp, where you’ll get a chance to learn about local culture.
The first day of the trek starts after a hearty breakfast. You’ll begin by trekking through the Sajwar Village. From there you will turn into the forest. The journey to Balu Thach will take close to 3 hours. The campsite will be pitched in the heart of the forest.
The trek from Balu thach to Shapni is about 4km, and should take about 5 hrs. Most of the trail to reach Shapni is a gradual ascent and criss-crosses through the forest. You will be welcomed by Rakhal & Tosh trees in the forest. As you trek upwards through the forest, you will be able to see full view of Sajwar and Kandi village, also Jaloda forest. One of the Specialties of Shapni are the cattle sheds known as Gujjar ka Kotha and are made completely of Stones and Woods, all taken from the forest. You can also see stones beautifully laid out in lines. The campsite will be pitched adjacent to a meadow with great floral diversity.
Waking up with the sounds of nature, after breakfast we will start our journey to Khorna. Crossing the boulder field is the hardest part of the entire trek and will take close to 3 hours. After the boulder field, we come across a stream, which is known as Brenda Nala. During winter 10-12ft of snow gets accumulated. Just around Brenda Nala we will see many Kharsu trees fallen. After crossing the Brenda Nala, we start our descent into the forest and shortly after, we will be able to see more Gujjar ka kothas. Our campsite will be placed in the forest after crossing the Gujjar Kothas.
After breakfast in the morning, we will start our journey back to base camp. The trek from Khorna to Base camp will take 5 hours trek. We will start descending from Kansar forest. As soon as we reach our base camp, you can shower and freshen up. In the evening, we’ll have a short rock climbing and rappelling session and end the day with a bonfire and a traditional pahadi meal.
Early in the morning, we’ll start our journey back to civilization and Adventure-Pulse representatives will drop you to the airport.

Package Details


  1. Accommodation.
    • 2 Night in Swiss Tents at Base Camp
    • 3 nights camping on the trail
  2. All meals, hot drinks and snacks from Basecamp onwards.
  3. Transportation: Group pickup and drop from Kullu-Manali Airport (Individual Pick up/Drop will be on actuals). 
  4. Trekking permits and forest camping charges.
  5. Trekking Gears: (Tents, Sleeping bags, Mattress)
  6. Services of an expert Adventure Pulse trek leader. (*For a group of 8 and above)
  7. Services of an expert trek team. (guides, cooks, helpers)
  8. Porters to carry your personal luggage.Basic first aid kit and medical assistance.


  1. International or domestic flights.
  2. Food during the transit/drive. (To and from the base camp)
  3. Personal clothing and equipment.
  4. Any items/services not specifically mentioned under inclusions.
  5. Travel insurance.
  6. Any medical costs incurred by you or costs associated with a medical incident, evacuation charges and damage of any nature.
  7. Optional trips or excursions. Personal expenses of any kind.
  8. Tips for local staff and guides.
  9. Costs arising out of unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather, landslides, road conditions and any other circumstances beyond our control.

1. Where is the Tirthan Valley located?

Tirthan Valley is located in the heart of Himachal Pradesh, near the city of Manali. It gets its name from the Tirthan river and shares a border with the Great Himalayan National Park. Tirthan Valley is a 114km drive from Chandigarh and can also be accessed by flying to Manali.

2. Can my child take part in the Tirthan Valley Trek?

Yes, the Tirthan Valley Trek is perfect for beginners and children as young as 7. The trek is an easy level trek with minimal altitude gain and is the perfect opportunity to introduce your child to the wonders of nature and trekking. The trek begins from a fixed campsite that has a working dining area and fixed loos, thus easing them into camping one step at a time.

3. Will I see snow on the trek?

There is a low chance of snow in the summer months as the maximum altitude is close to 3000 metres. Monsoon has a high chance of hail and sleet, especially at higher altitudes. The winter months and early spring will see plenty of snow on the trail.

4. How hard is the Tirthan Valley Trek?

The Tirthan Valley Trek is an easy trek. You will trek for a maximum of 5-6 hours a day and will gain minimal altitude. The trek also has 4 days of trekking and can easily be done on a long weekend any time of the year. The trek takes you through the lush forests of Himachal and you will also get a chance to learn about life in the mountains and the Gujjar community.

5. I have a family of 4, can Adventure-Pulse organize this trek for me?

Yes, we at Adventure-Pulse can organize the Tirthan Valley Trek for a minimum group of 4. Thus, giving you the flexibility of dates and convenience. We also help with drafting fitness plans for individuals and will ensure that you have an experience to remember.

6. Can I extend the itinerary?

Absolutely, as our basecamp is fixed (structures are placed throughout the year) we can extend your stay in the valley. You can relax and unwind at our comfortable campsite for as long as you like, additional days will be charged on actuals.

7. What are the provisions for ladies travelling alone?

For ladies travelling alone, we provide single tents and washrooms designated only for women. A female trek guide will also accompany you on the trail.

An easy trek with pleasant temperatures. A high chance of rain during the monsoon seasons. Day-time temperatures can range from 15C-20C and at night 0C-5C.


  • Trekking Boots /  Shoes (preferably up to ankle length & Water-resistant)
  • Multiple pairs of Cotton and woollen socks (at least 2/3 pairs of each)
  • Track Pants for comfortable trekking, Denims to be avoided. (At least 2)
  • Thermal inners and Sweater/warm sweatshirt (1 each)
  • Cotton T-shirts (2 to 3 minimum)
  • Waterproof Jacket/windcheater
  • Warm thermal jacket / Down jacket 
  • 1 Peak Cap + at least 1 Woollen Cap
  • Pair of warm gloves


  • Airbag / Duffel bag (No Suitcases)
  • Day Back Pack in case you do not want to carry your own rucksack
  • Drinking-Water Bottle 1 Litre
  • Torch + Batteries
  • Camera + Batteries
  • Knee / Ankle / Wrist Guards (if required)
  • Nail Cutter / Pocket / Pen Knife
  • Cold cream
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Chap-stick / Vaseline
  • Personal toiletries (Tooth Paste / Toilet Paper / Wet Wipes or Baby Wipes etc)
  • Medical kit (with basic medicines for headache, Water purification tablets- drops, upset stomach, Band-aids, Painkillers & Moov/Iodex, Sour throat, Vix Vapour Rub, D-Cold)
  • Any personal medication (Individual specific)
  • High energy snacks like Dry fruits, Bars of chocolate, Tang, glucose etc
  • Good Quality Sunshades
  • Sunblock (SPF40+)
The Tirthan Valley Trek is an easy trek perfect for beginners and children. As the totally trekking time and distance are relatively less, a 3-week fitness plan is ideal.
We recommend the following schedule to the participants
  1. WEEK 1: Develop a habit of getting up early in the morning and run / brisk walk for a minimum 2 – 3 km, at least 3 – 4 days a week. This would represent 20 – 25 minutes of cardio. Also, avoid taking elevators and start using the stairs instead. To start with, climb 3 – 4 floors each day to make your thigh muscles strong. If running is not your thing, you can cycle for about 20 minutes or swim for about 500 m, at least 4 times a week.

  2. WEEK 2: Being consistent with your exercise during week 1, increase your distance to 3 – 4 km and 5 times a week. You can also start with interval training which is a method of training the cardiovascular system by elevating the heart rate significantly and then allowing it to recover for a period before elevating it again. Ex. You may sprint to push your heart rate, then walk to allow it to calm down before starting the sprint again.

  3. WEEK 3: Strength & Endurance. After successfully following the schedule for the first 4 weeks, Just be consistent with your work out and increase the intensity slowly.

Please feel free to contact us in case you want a personalised fitness plan. Celebrate the small victories and have fun with the workouts!

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