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Often referred to as the great leveler, nature involves a paradigm shift from our normal lifestyle & comfort zone, thus creating a need to adapt to the wilderness. Outdoor Leadership training has gained immense popularity as a medium for team development in order to deal with new situation and overcoming fears. Adventure Pulse over the years has developed its own site located strategically closed to Pune city. This ease of access allows companies based both in Pune as well as in Mumbai to make optimum use of these amenities, to facilitate experiential Learning.

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Keeping the development program agenda in focus, the Team building & collaboration activities should be compatible with an outdoor format. We would recommend some activities which will specifically look at establishing parameters of communication & collaboration. The objective is to highlight, not just Trust and Openness, but also develop an appreciation for an Individual’s contribution to the team’s objectives. Finally, this results in the overall success in completion of the challenge / task at hand. A good mix of some adventure and team building activities can be recommended.

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