Rohida Fort Trek in 2021: One of the Best treks near Pune for Beginners

Rohida fort trek near pune

The Sahyadri range during monsoon is a different world altogether. The landscape is covered with different shades of greens after the rain. Everything looks so fresh and vivid. During the monsoon, it turns into a playground for adventure enthusiasts. Being in such close proximity to Mumbai and Pune, the Sahyadri range is a perfect place to go on a hiking trip. There are hundreds of forts and treks near Pune and Mumbai which can be visited in a day. Each of these treks is different from each other and offers a unique experience. Although I have been to many day treks near Pune, my first trek to Rohida fort / Vichitragad will always be a special memory for me.

It was a blissful atmosphere when we finally reached the entrance of the Rohida fort. It was drizzling throughout the way which made it difficult to walk on the narrow and slippery trails. From the top of the Rohida fort, we could barely see the village through the dense fog. The guard at the entrance offered Gud (jaggery) to everyone and he seemed very happy to see us as very few people visit this fort during monsoon. The beautiful ancient carvings on the fort entrance and walls were speaking of the glorious past of this fort. As I explored each corner of the fort, It almost felt like I was teleported to the time of the glorious Maratha empire.

At a distance of around 70 km from Pune, Rohida fort is located in a village called Bajarwadi, near Bhor. Rohida Fort is also popularly known as Vichitragad. The fort has a very interesting history associated with it. It is believed that the fort was built during the reign of Yadavas which was later conquered by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj when he established the Maratha Swarajya. The Mughals captured this fort in 1666 but could not hold this for long, as Maharaja Shivaji captured it again in June 1670. Even though at such a short distance from the Pune city and rich history, not many people are aware of this beautiful fort trek near Pune.

Adventure Pulse team had organized pickup for us from the central locations in Pune. We started our journey towards the Bhor village at around 6:00 am. After a scenic drive through the outskirts of Pune, we reached at Bhor village around 8:30 am where we had tea and breakfast to get energized for the trek. Our trek leaders Samir and Sauraj gave us a brief introduction about the team, the trek, things to keep in mind while trekking and soon we started our climb from a hill which was just ahead of a school building in Bajarwadi. Covered with dark clouds, the fort was partially visible from the village.

Ascending on the Narrow Trails

As we started ascending on the narrow trails, it started drizzling which made it even more exciting. The gradual ascent on the trails was not very steep and it was a comfortable climb until halfway to the top. We took a small break near a big boulder to catch our breaths and to admire the beautiful views surrounding us. Once it stopped raining, we even had a fun photoshoot and clicked some amazing pictures as a memory of this beautiful hike. The entire village was visible from the top.

After resting for a while, we started trekking towards the last stretch of the hill. We negotiated some boulders and rocky patch before finally making our way to the huge entrance of the fort. As we moved closer the trail disappeared and gave way to rock-cut steps leading inside the Rohida fort. To our surprise, there was a guard standing near the entrance. He greeted us and welcomed us with a big smile on his face. We interacted with him and learned about some interesting facts and history of this ancient fort and its architecture.

We started exploring around the fort when the fog started to settle down. It allows us some breathtaking views of the landscape around us. Most of the fort structure is in ruins now. There is a Shiv temple in the centre of the fort premise surrounded by some small ponds. There are a couple of viewpoints which offers fantastic views of the villages around the fort. After exploring each and every section of the fort, we stopped near the temple to have our lunch. The yummy packed lunch provided by Adventure Pulse helped us to regain our energy.

The descend

After resting for some time, we started descending. The descend to the village did not take much time and energy. We reached near the school building without any difficulties. There were some sections which were slippery because of the mud. Our guides and trek leader made sure we were comfortable and helped to cross them. We settled down in our bus for the return journey to Pune. I was a little tired but it was indeed a refreshing experience to explore this scenic fort. With the lovely group members and the team of Adventure Pulse, it was a memorable experience. We had a lot of fun on the trek.

Every time I visit the Sahyadris it is always full of surprises. I can’t help but fall more and more in love with this nature’s wonder and its beauty. This trek to Rohida fort was a brilliant experience as it is relatively easy and offers some incredible views. The trek may not be suitable for experienced trekkers, but for amateurs, this is the best trek to start with.

Some important things to note:

  • Rohida fort trek is one of the easiest treks around Pune, ideal for beginners and first-time trekkers. It is recommended for kids of the age group six and above.
  • Average fitness is required to do this trek. If you have an active lifestyle then you will be able to enjoy this trek without any difficulties.
  • Make sure you carry a good quality sports shoes or a trekking shoe. As during the rain, the trail gets slippery and it is difficult to walk.
  • Always carry a raincoat or wind/waterproof jacket. Carry a cover for your backpack to protect your stuff from rain. Also, carry an extra pair of clothes to change in case you get wet.
  • Carry sufficient water and keep yourself hydrated. (Minimum2 ltr)
  • The standard route is easy however it is recommended to trek with experienced guides and trek operators like Adventure Pulse. There is a different route also which is much longer and difficult.

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