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The Avalanche Simulation Workshop

This ‘Program’ is a powerful recreation of a real-life disaster management experience, where an ‘Avalanche’ scenario is created, in a controlled environment, such as a Conference Room or even a Banquet hall at any location in the world.

Program Background:

On the 25th of April, 2015, a massive earthquake shook the entire country of Nepal. At Mt. Everest, it triggered an Avalanche that tore through the Base Camp, leaving in its wake, 21 dead and over 60 casualties. Expedition Leaders, Sauraj & Samir, attempting to climb Mt. Everest, were caught in the most horrific disaster in the history of mountaineering. Buried by the avalanche, they emerged to see a trail of destruction which included their camp. Their team stayed back with the Indian Army Everest team, to aid in rescue and recovery efforts. When interviewed they said & quote; “The expedition had not ended, it had changed its purpose… it was now about helping people. The Earthquake has shaken us, but not broken us.”

The Day Everest Shook

An experiential workshop for 15 to 60 people that is based on the simulation of real disaster that took place at the Everest Base Camp in 2015.This workshop requires participants to follow roles and instructions to accomplish a set of tasks and complete a mission with a clear objective of saving all lives at the base camp. This simulation is customizable to bring out key learnings, attitudes, behavioral competencies based on client and business requirements. This simulation has been conducted to enhance learning for various corporates with a high degree of success over 40 times since the creation of the workshop.

Simulation Background:

The participants are plunged into a VUCA world where the environment requires: Critical Decision Making, especially in a Crisis. | Prioritization & Logical Thinking | Risk Assessment and Risk Appetite | Working Under Uncertainties and Incomplete Information

Stage 1

Shock and Disorientation

Helpful in getting participants to react naturally and instinctively

Stage 2

Execution and Experiential Learning

Group work

Stage 3

Participant’s Performance Analysis and Facilitator Debrief

Deconstruction of the entire exercise with reference to the Saint-Gobain Attitudes

Stage 4

Case Study Review and Survival Account

Real life account of the events of 2015 which act as a memorable and motivating close of the workshop

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