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  •  09-01-2018

Katraj to Sinhagad with Adventure-Pulse by Umang Dave

Being an adventure enthusiast, I am always in search for new places and thrilling experiences. It's been almost Continue Reading

  •  27-02-2017

The Sagarmatha National Park, A Pilgrimage - Trek to the Everest Base Camp by M. Rishi Kumar

“It’s Not The Altitude, It’s The Attitude That Matters”  I was reminded of this dialogue mouthed by actor Jack Gyllenhaal from the movie Everest in...

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  •  23-11-2016

Physical Fitness Preparation Guide for Chaddar trek.

Chaddar: The Frozen River trek is one of the most beautiful and glamorous treks in the world. Chaddar means a sheet, a sheet of ice that forms over Zanskar river during winter...

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  •  19-08-2016

Walking an off beaten path

"And we finally reached the entry of the fort, the weather was a bliss, the trail was small but beautiful, it was drizzling throughout the way, the wind almost made me fall (disa...

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  •  01-08-2016

Mt. ELBRUS, Terskol ( Russia ) - The summit of Europe

Diary Entry – 0th July 0, South Face, Mt. Elbrus; 0hrs: – A massive blizzard is raging outside with heavy snowfall. In the last few hours, there’s already a foot of snow pil...

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