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The Summit Of Mera peak

The Summit Of Mera peak has a special place in the record books of Adventure pulse and why not. It gave the firm not only its first 6500 mts + Summit , but also its founders the accolade of being the first two Indians to be able to Summit Mera North and not to forget the Intangible Confidence that came in to be able to successfully run Expeditions in the East Nepal Himalayas which earlier was restricted only to the West Nepal Himalayas. A short overview of the Journey is as follows – 

We take off from Kathmandu and land in Lukla,  a flight which in itself is an adventure with the small aircraft wings almost touching the majestic mountains and landing in the middle of now where ( Dont worry, there is an airstrip they have created there) !!

Immediately after landing, we started a pleasant walk through the Thick forest line of the Lower Nepal Himalayas to reach the Village of Poiyan. A Village almost the same height as Lukla.

After enjoying the luxury of oxygen ( courtesy our low altitude of about 9500 feet above sea level) and the cozy Quilts , we had a heavy breakfast and set out for a long journey of highs & Lows , we crossed a pass over 3500 mts and headed towards the Monastery village of Pangongma

Pangongma Like any other village of the Khumbu valley offered comfort with a well built wooden Tea House and freshly cooked Meals. After spending some time talking to Our Guide deciding the acclimatization plan & the strategy ahead. We prepared ourselves for the long trek the next day –

The trek to Kurke was Tough and there was a lot of height gain involved, we walked slowly steeply up the Lush green mountains & as planned set up Camp in Kurke by lunch time. A Place just enough to set up camps for about 2-3 expedition teams. The wether packed up soon after lunch and we were inside our tents most of the evening.

After an early breakfast and helping our Sherpas, pack up we set out for Chatra-la, a common Acclimitization destination for a lot expedition teams. Caught in bad weather, we decided  to spend the Night in a tea House and stay cozy, but clicked some expeditions who either chose or were forced to camp out because of shortage of rooms. 

With bad weather being  company now, we started the long walk to Kothe. Crossing almost all kinds of terrain on the way, we entered the Makalu-Barun National park & hit the Scenic Postcard pIcture Village of Kothe By late afternoon. 

We walked all along the River bed , gaining Gradual height to reach the Acclimatization destination of the Mera peak Region – Thangnag. Unlike my lazy & injured climbing Partner, I decided to justice to the acclimatization day and headed out early next morning to hike up a adjacent hill to get a birds view of Thangnag 

Our Vacation was over now and it was time for some serious business ahead, we set out for the last village of the region – Khare, situated at a height of 5000 mts + and finalised on our climbing strategy in the next 2 days. ·         

We decided to set up base camp away from the usual Base camp for the Peak on our Guide’s advice and spent the evening revising basic lessons of anchoring, Jummaring & rappelling. 

After packing up early, we set out for the Advance Base camp at 5500 mts. The snow was still soft and we had to walk carefully. But even with our focus on the snow trail, we couldn’t miss the Majestic views of Makalu and Everest in the background – 

Well nights spend after 5500 mts for most of us initially are painful and we thought of just retiring early , only to wake up at Mid-Night for the Summit Bid

The description to the Summit from ABC is almost like a book in our minds &  so all i can say is that at 8.16 am on the 18th October, we proudly stood on the Summit of Mera peak at 6654 mts above the sea level


The thought of now walking back home gave mental strength, and we managed to reach Khare by late afternoon. The afternoon, evening & the night , effectively the entire time in Khare on the way back was spent sleeping and re-juvenating ourselves for the walk back home  -


The journey back was a pleasant one as we had successfully summitted & were Overwhelmed by the experience, our support staff was happy & excited too
We were in Lukla after 2 days of we Summiting, It was definately a time to celebrate.                          

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